King Alfred is dead and the achievements that made him great are in jeopardy. Rebels challenge the succession of his son Edward to the Wessex throne, and his old ally in Mercia is sick. The Vikings in the Danelaw sense the time has come to complete their conquest of England.

It falls on Alfred’s firstborn, his daughter, Æthelflæd, to unite the Anglo-Saxons. Reluctantly, she takes up the challenge. But can Æthelflæd rebuild ruined towns and lead men into battle against hardened Viking warriors? And can she fulfill her father’s dream of uniting England?

Based on contemporary sources and archaeological evidence, King Alfred’s Daughter is rich in drama, family conflict and historical achievement.

David, I just completed your book and it was such a good read that I couldn’t put it down. I completed it in a day. Certainly as good if not better than your well-known rival!



Meticulously researched from the early history of the English speaking people, this is a compelling story of love and betrayal that defined the boundaries of Britain.

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“A tour de force! Very convincing flavour of Anglo Saxon Britain.”


Richard Humble, author of The Fall of Saxon England


Book 1 of the


A new novel in support of COP 26

Three teenagers are given the mission to fight climate change on Thera, a sister planet to Earth.

Like the delegates to COP 26, they find this no easy task – especially as Thera did not have an extinction event that killed the dinosaurs on Earth!

All profits go to organisations working to reduce carbon emissions – initially Zero Carbon Guildford, a charity that is helping the author’s local town become carbon neutral by 2030. [To keep costs down and donations up, it is a self-published book. That means it needs reviews on Amazon to make it visible. So if you like what you read, please post a review!

Also available on other platforms including Kobo, Barnes&Noble, Apple, BorrowBox, Scribd, Tolino and more…

“A gripping story with a powerful message”


“A triumph of fact and fantasy that focuses on the most important issue we have ever faced”


“A wonderful blend of characters, realms and settings “


20th Century Man; 21st Century Problem

This is a feel-good, heart-warming novel, full of fun and whimsy that also touches on a serious theme.

Readers will be rooting for Harry, a 97 year-old widower from the very first page as they will find it easy to empathise with this down-to-earth, amusing character. Not content to wither away in a nursing home, he strikes out to find a purpose in life while his fellow oldies doze in front of the TV. He is joined by a colourful cast of characters in a well-crafted plot where the action rarely stalls. Underlining the feel-good adventure, however, is a serious message about modern slavery, a real-life 21st century problem.

Many of Harry’s anecdotes are taken from the rich repertoire of stories told by the author’s father [Charles Stokes, 1913-2015], so a sense of 20th century history underpins the book.

‘It was amazing. Absolutely gorgeous book – Highly recommended – A Must Read!

I fell in love with Harry from the first page, and despite the really serious nature of the topic, and the events he was ultimately, and unwittingly caught up in, I found myself smiling throughout this book… Read this now!’


Ruth Turner, Goodreads and Amazon



This new edition of the text continues to extend its coverage of small business management and entrepreneurship, drawing on contemporary theory and practice in equal measure. Whilst the structure and format of the chapters remains broadly the same as the previous edition, the book includes many new examples and current references drawn from a wide variety of industrial, social and cultural contexts, bringing our knowledge of small business management and entrepreneurship up to date.

Really Liked It
Nice introduction into SME management. I appreciated case studies at the end of each chapter and practical approach of this book.


Petr, Goodreads